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mesh sculptures



inspiration, originally uploaded by special combo.

a mini installation on my wall: a tumbled mess of pleated cotton floral print fabric with woven belt -- i believe this may be central american.

the contrast, textures and colors are my current inspiration.


Element necklaces

Caramimi 2006 element necklaces
caramimi accessories

I must be lamenting my tropical home, as I made these necklaces with the hot, island beaches in mind. A little white sand, hot sun, golden tan and a straw hat. Ah, what bliss!

I've been rather obsessed with shells, wood, gold and silver. Displayed off a white dress, bikini, tank top and a tan is the right idea. When worn with other gold or silver pieces, these elements could work with in a Fall/Winter context, as well.

This small collection of Element necklaces are a jump-off from this aesthetic. Made of mostly recycled & found materials from my large bead and jewelry collection.

Available to purchase on my Etsy shop www.caramimi.etsy.com


Customized complexgeometries

Customized complexgeometries
Customized complexgeometries detail

Originally uploaded by special combo.

Custom sharpie'd asymetrical tshirt dress by complex geometries, a design label based in Canada.

I love this dress and wore it till the hand-dyed garment suffered dinner stains. I proceeded to bury said stains with death by sharpie. Turned out ok for a quick fix, and totally get-down proof.


just right

sen ta'ti
just right

Originally uploaded by special combo.

during my thrifty adventures, i found a pile of vintage linen squares that looked to be part of a swatch book for a textile maker. in great need of a little lumbar pillow, i made this with two opposing patterned fabrics. if goldilocks came by, she'd say this pillow was "just right."

one-off reversible lumbar pillow made of vintage linen fabric.